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Best Of Belfast: Northern Ireland's #1 Interview Podcast

Jul 6, 2020

Brian John Spencer is an artist from Belfast, Northern Ireland.


After going down the grammar-school track of studying law, Brian decided to take the leap in a brand new direction at 25-years-old to pursue his dream of becoming an artist.


A dream that already is paying off.


From sketching thousands of caricatures, painting landscapes to designing wine labels for Michael Deane, Brian's work has been displayed and paid-for in Brooklyn, Belfast and beyond.


In this very special episode we took the microphones to "Picasso's studio" in Ross's Auctions in the city centre to catch up with him and his 7-year-old son Henry (the youngest guest we've ever had on the show) to chat about:


  • How Brian "all of a sudden transformed into an artist"
  • His mentors, inspirations and artistic north stars
  • The balance between creativity and commerce
  • What Henry has learned hanging around his dad
  • And the greatest challenges/successes they've experienced along the way


Awesome chat with two hard-working guys that bring "the work-ethic of a builder" to the creative process.


Check it out.



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— Matt