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Best Of Belfast: Northern Ireland's #1 Interview Podcast

May 23, 2022

Shines Seafood are a family business based in Killybegs, Co.Donegal that sell Ireland’s only Irish Tuna, Irish Sardines & Mackerel to both the retail & food services sectors.
It’s is their aim to make the best quality Irish Seafood in the world more affordable and available to the nation. Having been involved in the fishing industry for a combined 50 years they are passionate about the consumption of seafood and the overall sustainability of the industry.
In today’s episode, we caught up with John while he was up in Belfast receiving an award to chat about:
  • Why we eat fish on Fridays
  • The difference between wild and farmed fish
  • Some of the controversy around sustainability and fishing
  • Common fish myths (mercury poisoning, extinction, preservation process)
  • How “sardines” don’t actually exist
  • Why eating local fish makes such a big difference to us and the communities who supply them
  • The Omega 3 content of his fish 
  • And the ‘true cost’ of a 17p can of tuna 
Check it out!