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Best Of Belfast: Northern Ireland's #1 Interview Podcast

May 9, 2022

Dr Yassin Brunger is a Lecturer in Human Rights Law and Co-Director of the Gender Justice and Society Research Network at Queen’s University Belfast. 
Originally from the Gambian, Yassin spent 20 years living in the Middle East and is rooted in transnational understandings of justice and human rights. As a long-term feminist and scholar-activist, her academic work remains informed by the lived experiences of post-conflict, justice and peace of marginalised communities in the ‘Global South’ — amplifying struggles for justice within and beyond legal frameworks and academia. 
Closer to home, Yassin is a dedicated champion of gender and racial justice in Northern Ireland. She has received national recognition for her contribution to the first 'Black History Month campaign' in Northern Ireland and formerly served as one of the inaugural Co-Chairs of IRise, the University's Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic and International Staff Network.
In this episode we talk about:
  • Growing up in the Middle-East
  • Her experiences in white middle-class England
  • What justice actually is
  • What racism in NI looks like
  • And most importantly what we can do about it
Please note: This episode also contains reference to gender and racial-based violence. If you are affected by anything discussed in this conversation we have signposted a few phone numbers and links below for you to avail of.
The Rowan Sexual Assault Referral Centre
0800 389 4424 Freephone 24/7
Women's Aid NI:
Northern Ireland Council for Racial Equality
0808 808 8000