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Best Of Belfast: Northern Ireland's #1 Interview Podcast

Jun 7, 2021

Pamela and Richard Lilburn are the owners of Brookvale Farm, a 100-year old family farm that has been taking County Down by storm after they installed a milk vending machine just a few months ago.
It’s where I get my milk, it’s the best milk I’ve ever tasted in Northern Ireland if you like a bit of nostalgia,  it even comes in a reusable glass bottle, which you can come back to the farm and fill-up yourself with either creamy whole milk or a wide-range of Brookvale milkshakes from their vending machine. 
The most fun part about their farm is that they’ve opened it up to the general public, so you can go and visit the cows, calves and Mr T the horse with your friends and family while you fill-up.
In today’s episode we talk about:
  • How an accountant ended up marrying a dairy farmer
  • Why store-bought milk "isn't really milk"
  • And what happens when 1000’s of people start queuing outside your house for milk!
Check it out.
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