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Best Of Belfast: Northern Ireland's #1 Interview Podcast

Oct 28, 2019

After working in the music industry with artists like The Darkness and Lilly Allen, Claire returned to NI just in time to work on the pilot of Game Of Thrones.


Almost a decade later she decided to take a step back from the film industry and start her own business — Archive 12. 


In today’s episode, we talk about...

Oct 21, 2019

As probably the last person in the UK to contact Polio, Max had a very short-lived school career. 


But at 18-years-old he moved to London to make his fortune. After stumbling into a career in recruitment, he painstakingly worked his way up through the company and left as the Head of UK Operations. 


In this episode,...

Oct 14, 2019

Video game designer, wind-farmer, lifeboat captain, cancer survivor and most recently the first man in the world to circumnavigate the world in an autogyro.


Also known as a gyrocraft or gyrocopter, these nifty flying machines are a cross between a helicopter and a motorbike. In 2010, Norman set out from his hometown...

Oct 7, 2019

Nadine Patterson is a puppet-maker from Northern Ireland. From making models as a child to working in the puppet hospital on a Tim Burton movie set, Nadine has one of the most interesting stories we’ve ever featured on the podcast.


In this rare conversation, you’ll discover what goes on inside a puppet hospital,...