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Best Of Belfast: Northern Ireland's #1 Interview Podcast

Dec 7, 2020

Frank Morris is a tinkerer, builder and inventor from Northern Ireland.


After growing up on a "farm" and being inspired by the handiness of his grandas, he always messing about with stuff at a young age including radios, field cars and household appliances.


While touring in a band, he also got into building his own speakers and amplifiers before going to work full-time for BT.


Alongside his day job, Frank worked on many projects at home in his garage ranging from big to small: but none were as big as when he decided to build airplane.


(And learn how to fly it!)


In today's episode we talk about:

- Frank's early memories

- What it was like raking about as a youngster

- How he built an airplane in his garage

- And some of the highs/lows he experienced along the way.


Check it out!




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— Matt