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Best Of Belfast: Northern Ireland's #1 Interview Podcast

Apr 24, 2023

Roy and Noel Spence are twin brothers born in 1944 who’ve dedicated their lives to making films.

In today’s episode we talk about:

  • Their first trip to the cinema in 1952
  • Roy’s theory that cave-men were film-makers
  • Experience of using old-school tech to make movies
  • Hilarious moments of when things went wrong on...

Apr 17, 2023

Ryan Tierney is a director and co-founder of Seating Matters: a medical chair manufacturer based in Limavady.

“Eight years ago I went home from work really frustrated, the business wasn’t running the way I wanted it to run, we had lots of production issues, lots of defects and it was a very stressful environment to...

Apr 10, 2023

Johnny Ward is the first person from Ireland to visit every country in the world.

He’s also has made $3m from his blog, started a non-profit and now has his sights set on being the first person in history to visit north pole, south pole, every country and climb the seven summits, with his everest expedition starting...

Apr 3, 2023

Terry Loughins has had a lot of jobs including: salesman, milkman, barman and DJ.

But his favourite job was his 25-years working for Guinness NI, a role which led to him being involved in oyster festivals, U2 Concerts, golfing tournaments and farmer matchmaking events…

In today’s episode, Matt and Jawbox Gerry sit...